Ruffles... are you loving them or all ruffled out?

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Have you noticed that ruffles are appearing everywhere? Shirts, dresses, shoes, jewelry, home decor...the list goes on. I must say, I'm fond of ruffles in moderation.

photo credit: ruffled bedding; Anthropologie

The bedding above is from Anthropologie. You like?

photo credit: left to right: dress; Anthropologie, cardigan; Anthropologie, brown ruffled jacket; Anthropologie, skirt; Anthropologie.

I actually purchased the grey cardigan above. It's fun to wear with jeans. I like wearing it over a black or white top and pinning it together with a large vintage brooch. Adds a little glamour and pizazz.

photo credit: left to right: scarf; Anthropologie, handbag; Urban Outfitters, glass and pearl necklace by Lanvin; Net-A-Porter, gloves; Anthropologie, pillow; Pier One Imports, boots; Anthropologie

Ruffles on gloves, pillows, handbags, boots. Is the trend going too far?

photo credit: With This Nest

There is always room for a ruffled cake, don't you think?

How do you feel about ruffles? For those of you who don't live in the US, are ruffled items a hot trend in your neck of the woods as well?


Barb said…
Hi Lynn,

I tried that sweater on and LOVED it. They are getting one transferred from another store in my size. Yay!
Great minds think alike-hehe.

Fifi Flowers said…
FUN ruffles... I want a piece of that cake to have with my café creme!
Yay Barb! You will love it!
I think they all look great! I can't do ruffles very much myself, but I do love the look this season on everyone. Love the grey skirt!!!

Now, that cake.... oh my... :)

I'm a girly girl, so I love ruffles... Just not too much of it. A little ruffled detail is always fabulous. I feel that trends are more and more global these days, so here in Norway we see exactly the same. :)
Courtney Laine said…
I love all the ruffled pieces that are available now and in recent seasons, especially in neutral/muted tones (I have the grey "cirrus" anthropologie bedding and I adore it)...the ruffled cake might just be my favorite of all those items though.
vicki archer said…
I could do with a ruffle or two...xv
Jacqueline said…
I'm a bit yes/no when it comes to ruffles. As I get older, I think that less is more... I love the grey skirt and think that ruffles work best on the bottom half for me (old !!!!).
Love this post, especially the cake, Lynn and your grey cardigan. I also love the grey gloves....lovely, ruffley post. XXXX
lisa golightly said…
I'd like to put on those boots and run away with the cake !! That's how I do moderation (teehee) Lisa
ruffles in small doses are always wonderful! but there is such thing as going overboard with it!
KCash said…
LOVE THE RUFFLES. !!!! i'm all for bringing back bows too!
I'm still just LOVIN THEM!!!

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