Updated House Photos

Just thought I'd share some current photos of my home. Thanks to my friend Sandy who did such a great job with his professional camera equipment! And thanks Della Wilson for all of your help in completing the bedroom. I never thought I'd finish! I do love the Tiffany blue touch.

Be sure and click on the photos to enlarge...

Vito resting in the living room


♥M♥ said…
Oh Lynn! Your home looks sensational!! What a perfect melding of classic glamour and chic modern sophistication... you really pulled it off beautifully. Only Vito could steal the show in this elegant setting!! Thank you for sharing these inspirational photos.
katiedid said…
What a treat to see your home! It is sooo lovely, and glamorous, and beautiful, and, and..
Thank you so much for sharing!
Hi Marianne, thank you so much for the nice comments! I really appreciate it! Lynn
Hi Katie, thank you for the sweet comments. Its always nice to have validation in what we do! Lynn
hi lynn
your house is a stunning as ever, even more than ever actually! you are so talented and i love you!
Thank you Claudia! You are the one with the superb taste!!
Claudia, did you notice the bolster pillow on the bed? From you!
cotedetexas said…
I ADORE the blue lamps in your bedroom. They make the room! So many beautiful thing. I love the dining room! And the hotel silver is do die for.

Thanks for the tour

you did an amazing job and I just loved it. Congrats!!! You should send it to Apt Therapy for a house tour. it is so beautiful.
So glamorous! Every piece of furniture is special in its own right, and together it all looks stunning!
Anonymous said…
Very nice abode that you have created for your life!
Anonymous said…
Spectacular! Elegant and oh, so glamorous. So glad to have found your inspiring blog!
LauraK said…
I love the rug in your bedroom! Where did you find it? Also I recognize the portrait... has your home been in a magazine perhaps? It's fabulous!
Hi Laura K, Thanks for the nice post! The rugs are from the ThomasPaul collection, available at Velocity Art and Design. Yes, my home was featured in Home Companion Magazine and HGTV some years back. Good memory. Thanks again for your visit!
Anonymous said…
Ok...today's serendipity has just been taken to a whole new level!! I have had tear sheets of your fabbbb home in my inspiration drawer for years!! Too too fun!! And your lovely hotel silver collection and red/white awning in the kitchen! LOVE it!! Cannot wait to tell Aaron!! He will know who "Lynn" is within in 3 descriptives!! lol! That is how fab your home has been to us!!

Cannot wait to go through your archives!! YaY!!

Happy Decorating! Happy Blogging!

xoox Jenny
Jenny, thanks! I'm flattered that you kept that magazine with my house. It's changed a bit over the years, huh? Still have all the hotel silver though. Just had a ball looking at your blog. I'm going to e-mail you about purchasing something. thanks again!
Material Girls said…
Your home is fabulous! I love your mirrored side table
gilda said…
that is YOUR HOUSE!?!?!?! i'm really envious!! it's gorgeous.
irenie said…
Absolutely beautiful!!!

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