Summer in the City

It's be awhile since my last post, but I've been busy shopping for new inventory and getting photos ready for the web site in addition to updating the site. Should be seeing a "new & improved" Paris Hotel Boutique in the weeks to come!

I just have to share my joy... Indian Summer just started 3 days ago in The City by the Bay. This is my third day of wearing sandals and I couldn't be happier! Gone with the summer turtlenecks and down jackets and time for summer, fall? The fog could take us by surprise, but to my fellow San Franciscans, "HAPPY SUMMER!!!"


You are the second blogger I've seen who has, besides me, Paris Apartment listed as a favorite blog. Your diningroom and livingroom are simply beautiful. The "Cocktails Served on the Plaza" is oh so fab. And the pictures of the fog - hauntingly beautiful. Linked to you through Kathryn Bechen...and just have enjoyed my visit this morning.
Lynn ~ Kathryn Bechen is a wonderfully accomplished writer, with multiple projects going, based in California. She is such a sweet and encouraging spirit. Here is her blog address:

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