Apartment Therapy House Tour ~ Lynn & Leif's Paris Hotel Home

Photography by Sandy

It's been awhile since I posted to the blog because we were so busy moving over to our new web site. Today our home was featured in Apartment Therapy Los Angeles House tours. You can click here to view the tour. Thank you so much to Grace Hsiu at Apartment Therapy for asking us to feature our home. You've been a gem! Special thanks to Sandy who gets the real credit for taking such fabulous photos. They are wonderful!


Tutti Chic said…
Wonderful Tour & what a place!!!Love reading your blog!
Style Court said…
The feature looks great Lynn. Congrats!
Alkemie said…
Ye Gads Lynn!! Your home is SOOOO beautiful! I can't imagine how hard it must be to edit your pieces, you did such a beautiful job. How do you keep your silver from tarnishing is what I'd like to know! You must be so proud of your home and great views too!

Thanks Tutti Chic, Style Court and Alkemie! I am fans of you guys so your opinions mean a lot!

Alkemie, don't even ask about the silver. There are over 200 pieces and after they are polished, they start to tarnish again...such a drag...

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