It's All About Presentation

When most of my days are spent hunting for vintage treasures, I enjoy looking at new gift items during the holiday season. It's the only time that I take to trek around town devouring the store windows and the goodies inside them. Some of my favorite little boutiques in the Bay Area are Tail of the Yak in Berkeley, Bell'occhio & Nest in San Francisco. There are too many to name, but these are some real treasures. I can never leave these stores without purchasing something!

Today I visited Hayes Street and went to Miette Confiserie Candy Store, what a treat! They have everything from unique French confections to Rose Geranium cotton candy and fancy cupcakes. It's such a fun place and everything is beautifully presented. Also other wonderful clothing and boutiques on Hayes Street.

Next stop, Fillmore Street to visit Nest. Starting with their window display, fabulous. Victoria at SFGirlbyBay did a wonderful post about them including photos. After oohing and aahing, I made a couple of purchases. I asked for gift wrap and wow, what a surprise! Hot pink tissue with little birds nests and eggs. And of course, their cute Nest sticker. It's $5 for their custom wrap and every bit worth it. I love presentation. It could be the smallest little gift, but if it's packaged beautifully it makes all the difference. Thanks Nest for making my day. I'm staring at these beautiful boxes it looks more like a party than your typical holiday gifts. I also have to mention Claudia at Bell'occhio who I visited last week. Bought some goodies there and the packaging, gorgeous as always! You must visit these stores if in the San Francisco Bay Area. Anyone can put sticker bows on packages, but little things like twine or vintage doodads you have laying around can add the most special touch for that special someone's gift. Anyone have any favorites store gift wraps that you want to share? I'd love to hear from you! Happy Holidays!!


Gypsy Purple said…
Hope you had a blessed Christmas!! Wishing you and yours a happy and prosperous 2008!!!
I am so glad to have found your blog. Wishing you a lovely 2008! Full of love, laughter, joy, and hotel silver, ofcourse.:)
xo Lidy
Alkemie said…
I totally agree that packaging does wonders. The photos are beautiful :-)
Anonymous said…
Packaging really is everything when giving a gift. It's the first impression. I always try to make my gifts look stunning before they've actually opened it! I love to see those smiles on their face!!
I hope you check out my blog at I have listed your lovely blog on my page. : )

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