Vintage Lady Portraits

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Collecting vintage lady portraits is not a new obsession for me. I've been filling my home with these whimsical pieces for about 15 years now. Everywhere I turn there are ladies staring at me! At some point I had to start selling off some of my paintings because frankly, my house just isn't that large. I just returned from a buying trip and found a few vintage treasures for myself and my website.

painting from

Each of these portraits are so unique and tell a story.

This latest acquisition (above) is a large portrait of an affluent woman from Santa Barbara, California. available at
This large portrait above my sofa is signed, "Cincinnati Opera Guild" on the back. Now this glamorous opera star is the focal point of our livingroom! Here are some more paintings in my stairwell. Don't they make such a nice grouping?

The new Spring issue of O At Home Magazine features Los Angeles event planner Mindy Weiss's home. Mindy plans the most lavish celebrity weddings. She too has an obsession with vintage lady portraits. Aren't they great?
O at Home, Spring 2008, photo by Roger Davies

More portraits below from Here's lookin' at you!

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Maria said…
I love that small glimpse into your living room, it looks beautiful! what a unique thing to collect, I never would have thought of it.
Maria, thank you and thanks for visiting my blog!
These are lovely!
Hi Lynn, Just now finished reading the article in Victoria on hotel silver. It was fabulous! I only own a few pieces of hotel silver but love it. Love your blog and website. ~ Smiles ~ Lynn
Thanks Mina and Lynn! I appreciate your comments! Lynn
Mélanie said…
I love portraits and I also collect them . For me it gives an ambiance ,a kind of " maison de famille"
These are just lovely. Adore the ones you have in your home, and will be certain to check out the ones in your shop.

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