Pinterest Pet Peeve.

How come some people always have to be know-it-alls? You know the type...

Have you ever encountered the pinner that can't help but correct something about your pin (s) or say something negative? I've had quite a few and it's quite annoying. If I've pinned an image and said it's Paris, but it's really Belgium, by all means correct me, but do it in a kind manner. Some of these people are quite crass. Reminds me of the kids in grade school that had to tattle tale.

Now on to the important--- the Pinterest Police are on the lookout for copyright infringement. When pinning, please try and find the original source for credit. Legally, we're supposed to ask for permission from the photographer. If Pinterest asks you to remove a copyrighted image on more than two occasions, you could be suspended. That sounds like grade school too, but a bit more serious.

Until then...Happy Pinning!


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