Tea Time!

There's nothing like a hot cup of tea on a cold winter's day, or anytime for that matter. Served with beautiful china or perhaps in a hotel silver teapot. 

I'm not a huge tea drinker, but seem to be drawn to the beautiful packaging of many of the teas. See some of my favorites below.

Of course we love Laduree, France.  Their teas range from traditional Earl Grey to Tea Marionette, "a delicious marriage of Chinese and Indian black teas combined with rose petals, citrus fruit and honey. A bucolic walk at the Petit Trianon."

Ladurée became one of the first tea salons in Paris, after Mariage Frères. I understand there will be a tea house opening in New York City this year.

Another beautiful tea I just stumbled upon on Pinterest is Nina's Paris Marie-Antoinette. I had to order one of these from Etsy.

"A very delicate tea,  flavored with apples & rose, with a touch of strongness with ceylon tea basis Apple aroma done with apples coming from King’s Kitchen Garden – Versailles." Sounds yummy, doesn't it?

From the lovely Fortnum & Mason in the United Kingdom, they offer a variety of world teas from Assam Superb tea to Rose Pouchong. They have been offering teas for over 300 years! 

On 1 March 2012, with enormous joy and excitement, the refurbished St James’s restaurant was opened by HM the Queen accompanied by Their Royal Highnesses the Duchess of Cornwall and the Duchess of Cambridge, and renamed The Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon.

Isn't this gorgeous packaging? From Harrods, UK, we have the Earl Grey Gentleman's tea. 

"A rich and robust Ceylon is balanced with an intense and fragrant bergamot, giving this black tea blend a sparkling citrus aroma and an enduring and refreshing aftertaste."

The famous Mariage Frères', the French tea company, was founded in 1854.

"Mariage Frères' most famous secret is this mysterious blend that takes you to distant lands and strange countries. With over 500 varieties of tea laid out apothecary style with a wall of teas that get measured by the gram into bags or tins."

Have you ever been to MarieBelle in the SoHo neighborhood of New York City? 

They make the most beautiful chocolates that resemble semi-precious jewels in elegant boxes. 

Well, good news...they make teas too. I adore their Dark Obsession Chocolate Rose Tea. "Black ceylon tea exquisitely scented with chocolate extract and embellished with pink roses." So yummy!

Then there is the beautiful packaging of Chloe Chocolat tea. Can you tell I fancy chocolate teas?

The Oolong Milky...Milky and flowery. "This elegant tea is delightfully reminiscent of a creamy milk chocolate experience."

 Do you have a  favorite tea?


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