Has Home Design Turned Mundane or is it Just Me?

Let me preface this post by stating that I don't wish to insult anyone's taste, as we all have our own style, thank heavens. Additionally, there are elements that appeal to me in many of these homes, and I'm gracious to the homeowners showcased in the following photos.

Having said that, I'm wondering what has happened to home design? I mean, I get it...modern, Scandinavian, minimalist, Ikea, less is more, but...

I'll go through some of the variations of themes that keep popping up...

Saarinian Tulip Tables.

Okay, these are a blast from the past and quite fun for midcentury decor, but it seems that they've dated themselves... a second time.

White Fluffy Rugs.

Okay, okay. I have a white shag rug. I like it. I love white. But...seems that almost every home I see in a magazine or online has a fuzzy rug in there somewhere.

Bare White Walls & Metal Lighting.

What has become of art? Sofas with gorgeous paintings over them? Or fun sculptural pieces? I'm seeing a theme of bare walls or groupings of little prints. Add metal task lamps everywhere from the living room to the bedroom...

Black Walls & Floors.

I actually like hardwood floors painted black, but not a fan of black walls. They make a room look smaller and seem kind of depressing to me. In this case, I prefer white.

Criss-Cross Rugs.

Really? Haven't we seen enough of these? At first they were fun, but now I turn to a page in a magazine or an Instagram photo, and there's a criss cross rug. I've had enough, thanks.

White, White & more White.

I love white. My entire home is painted white, including the exterior. But, when it all starts looking cold and bare with only black, it kind of bores me.

So there you have it. Certainly there is an abundance of all types of decor our there from traditional to modern, depending on what publication you're looking at. But, I yearn to continue to see those unique antique pieces thrown into the mix of "modern." To see people have their own unique style and not copycat what everyone else is doing. 

What do you think?


Karen T. said…
I SO agree!
Len said…
I am bored with the current home design, it is mundane, a great word choice. I am surprised with a lot of the interiors that make it into magazines and design blogs, it isn't good design, chairs, tables, beds are placed along the walls with large empty central spaces. This is dumbed done design.

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