Logo Love.

The irony of life. When I saw this photo of a Louis Vuitton house located in Mexicali, Mexico, I couldn't stop smiling. Still am. I wonder what the neighbors think? Perhaps one of them has a Gucci house?

Seriously though, what do you think of luxury logos? Jennifer at the Peak of Chic just did a great post on them. Check it out here.

LV house photo from here


that is so Ghetto fab!
Okay Lynn,
Back away from the computer. Now! 4 posts in 24 hours? Give us a chance to catch up. And catch our breath! These are fabulous posts!!!!!!!
Lisa & Alfie
P.S. I told Claudia your place is perfect as is. So for her to just send the rug to me if you win! Smile...
FrenchBlue said…
remember the Gucci car we saw in palm springs? or was it Chanel? i wonder if there is a Goyard house ummmm~
Janet, YES! I loved that Gucci car! I wish we had a photo of it. I'm going to paint my house Goyard. Perhaps the black & brown?
Ghetto fab is right. Just please not make it my neighbors house. please...
a. said…
That's just crazy!
Allidink said…
WOW. That scares me lol.

All the best,
lucyslounge-dee said…
its great. i wonder if they do hjouse swap.
I think that photo is fantastic! As for logos- it has been carried to the extreme ( is it because I cannot afford it?) However I do love my more affordable Burberry bag!
I just love the fact they had the courage to pull it off!
Anonymous said…
Wow. My mother in law received a Cadillac for her b.day that my father in law had upholstered in original Vuitton leather. I thought that wasw too much (specially the price tag). But dyi logo paint jobs? That's just tacky. Lol.
Mélanie said…
So funny.
FrenchBlue said…
hummmm...sigh...ok...finally figured my favorite.. i think i like the chanel truck the Best! grAte post! Uh uh uh!!
Alkemie said…
Lynn, THat is TOO Funny!!
melissa davis said…
Oh my god- hilarious!!!

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