More Vintage Lady Portraits...

Just flipping through the new issue of Home Companion magazine and this vignette of lady oil portraits caught my eye. I recently posted about collecting vintage portraits and love seeing what others have done with theirs. These paintings are by Harold Gore and from the collection of Carolyn and Nikki Moore.

Photo courtesy of Home Companion Magazine June/July 2008.


Hello From Canada! I adore these portraits. I just bought one last year for $30 Cdn. I think it is from late 40's or early 50's. Big too. 3'x5'. It hangs in my kitchen. I linked your blog, as I am enjoying it so much!
Really quite dramatic, what they've done here. Off to check out your shop for more portraits . . .
Liberty Post Editor: Hi! Sounds like a great deal on your portrait. I appreciate you visiting and linking to my blog. Cheers!

{this is glamorous} Thanks so much!

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