Why Didn't I Think of This?

I was just hanging up a new cork board that I purchased and noticed these unique picture hooks on the back. What the heck are they? They are called Beehive Picture Hangers and can be purchased here. They have multiple holes so the pictures/paintings level themselves. No more measuring or adjusting and, best of all, the frames won't tilt or move. Brilliant!

Black & White photo from Juniperimages.com


That has got to be the best invention yet! Thanks for sharing - I think I'll order a ton, it will make hanging pictures for customers sooooo much easier!!
Kathy said…
A client just introduced these to me!!! I agree--brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. I am ADDICTED to them because I'm far too impatient to wait for my guys to pull out their level, fancy light equipment, and whatever else is needed to get it all straight on the wall.

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