Midnight in Paris

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. I was able to escape reality for a bit and saw Woody Allen's latest masterpiece, Midnight in Paris. What a wonderful film! The story, scenery and all, had me yearning to go back in time to another era. Particularly Paris.

Have you seen it yet? If not, you must. If you were able to go back in time, where would you want to go? What era? Would you stay?


vicki archer said…
I haven't seen it but I can't wait....it seems as if every body loves this film....xv
I loved this movie too!! It made me want to go to Paris EVEN more! (I didn't think that was possible!)
sigh.....i haven't seen it but i'm taking a mini vacay into the city this week and i think a cool theater for a matinee alllll by myself is exactly how i'm going to spend an afternoon.
i must admit i'm always swept up in a retro mindset, and i seem to relate to the thirties (suppose it's the depression.. ; {) but then again, i can surely see myself on mr gatsby's lawn,in the twenties, or joining in for the war effort of the forties. or at the algonquin hotel, sitting at the round table, or an expatriate with hemingway in paris.....oh my, who yanked my chain? haha
katiedid said…
Loved it! And it didn't hurt that we had seen the Stein Exhibit at SF MoMA the day before!
Loved it too and made me miss Paris. I could go back to the time of Versailles in its heyday........just for a month or two. XO
Anonymous said…
I saw it a month ago. As a nice thoughtless summer costume flick, I liked it. If only the actor who played the main character would not tried to resemble Woody so much, in speech and manners (or should I say "mannerisms"/) it would be even better. As is, it was at times a caricature.

The 20's props and garments are, of course, a dream. I, too, would very much wanted to go there in the 20s - assured that I have American $$$...

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