Hotel Silver: Still a Hot Collectible

Gosh was I thrilled to pick up the newest issue of Romantic Homes to see hotel silver included as one of editor Jacqueline deMontravel's picks for top vintage collectibles.

This issue is definitely a "must-have" for antique/vintage enthusiasts. It is brimming with goodies. There is a special flea market section which includes the top 50 flea markets in ths US and the top romantic flea markets. Its 'special collection section' includes the editor's picks for the top vintage collectibles, as well as what's hot and where to find it.

part of my hotel silver collection (above)

I'm humbled that Jacqueline contacted me to talk a bit about my favorite collectible. It's been a passion of mine for over 13 years; collecting and selling it, and I'm honored to be quoted (above). There's even a photo of part of my collection. Hotel silver is something I'll never tire of and I'm glad to see that others are still as enthusiastic!

If you have an opportunity, pick up the August issue of Romantic Homes on newsstands now. This issue is the biggest collectibles guide ever and you'll love it!

Many thanks again to Jacqueline at Romantic Homes for including me in this wonderful publication.


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