Ghosts at the Palace Hotel?

Last night I went on the annual "ghost walk tour" at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco.

Crowds of people gathered to go room-to-room and hear the tales of the spectral visions, glowing orbs and mysterious events that all haunted the hotel. Kings and presidents died there, gun shots have been fired through their corridors, and tragic romances have ended at the Palace.

  • President Warren G. Harding died suddenly while staying here in 1923 and is rumored to be among them.
  • There is also a reclusive poltergeist that periodically locks itself in the dining rooms.
  • A joking ghost, who enjoys tapping people on the shoulder, haunts the Pied Piper Bar.
  • A mysterious French girl from another century has been seen in the kitchen asking for soup.
  • "The Lady in Red,"a succubus who roams the halls at night and is said to walk through the walls of rooms where businessmen traveling alone are staying, paralyzing them in their beds with fear.

Will you be staying at the Palace Hotel in the near future???

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OOOOOOHHHHHH! That was a good one! I'd like to do that sometime!!!!!Maryanne xo

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