Exciting News from Paris Hotel Boutique!


We are incredibly humbled to be featured in the September issue of Vogue Italia's,Vogue Sposa, one of the premier international bridal magazines!

The story features our antique and vintage presentation boxes. 

Over the years, many of you have inquired about these boxes, and we've decided to offer a curated collection of them. They are perfect for that special piece of jewelry. 

Also, in the event that you don't read Italian, here is our best translated version of the story;

"The chivalrous epic, the Camelot fortress and the legendary Knights of the Round Table inspire with their loving intertwining, sparkling armor, magic filters and spells, jewels of esoteric and medieval charm.

If legend wants Lancelot to save Geneva thanks to the help of a ring whose stone has the power to protect it from any spell after having secured it, these collections celebrate the noble and proud love that wins over everything. And to guard imaginifiche false beliefs as knitting bouquets, magician Merlon forged magnifying rings and earrings borrowed from the Morgana fairy, they wanted container boxes worthy of their content. Like those scouted by Paris Hotel Boutique, who dedicates itself to the revival of the precious ring box. And with them makes fairytale stories revive." -Elisabetta Caprotti


donna baker said…
So proud of you. Just love your site and treasures.

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