Great Finds in Washginton: The Davenport Hotel

Last stop! After seeing Seattle, we went to Spokane to visit family. We celebrated my Dad's birthday having dinner at the Davenport Hotel. What a stunning hotel! Located in downtown Spokane, The Davenport Hotel has been world famous since it opened in September of 1914.

The Davenport was closed in 1985 and demolition was considered. Dismantling and salvage was determined to be too expensive so the hotel remained closed for 15 years. In 2000, local entrepreneurs Walt & Karen Worthy spent 38 million of their own money to make The Davenport Hotel grand again.

The Isabella Ballroom (above) design reflects Italian Neoclassical influence {see little Vito in the background}

The Hall of Doges (above) was inspired by the Doges' Palace in Saint Mark's Square, Venice, Italy

And Grand it is! There are the gorgeous Marie Antoinette & Isabella Ballrooms; The most opulent ballroom, the Hall of Doges with its amazing fresco ceiling and carved arches.

The Peacock Room (above) is a great bar in the lobby of the hotel. It has taxidermy peacocks on the back wall with a beautiful stained glass ceiling with a peacock motif.

The Davenport has beautiful collections of hotel memorabilia throughout the hotel. This large cabinet (above) has magnificent old hotel silver, china, menus and more!

Silver Washing Department - 1914 {click on photo to enlarge}

Old Wedding Photo - Davenport Banquet Room

Another thing I went crazy over were these enlarged vintage photos (above) of the Davenport throughout the hotel. There are so many. I'd love to own one of these.

Beautiful Fireplace in the Palm Court

View of the lobby and Palm Court from the upstairs level

This hotel is really gorgeous in person. I'd love to stay there some time. They have a full spa, great candy shop and gift shop. The ambiance is beautiful and what a wonderful job they did in preserving this old treasure.


Anonymous said…
Wonderful tour, as always. I adore your vintage hotel posts. Just finished browsing the shop, and cannot tell you how sorry I am to have missed the opp to purchase the aqua tureen. A real stunner. Next time...Best, Jane
Thanks Jane! Sorry about the tureen. I'm on the hunt for more aqua china! Lynn

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