Sweet Tooth Anyone?

I was reading this month's Vogue magazine and stumbled upon this eye-catching article. This month Sweetiepie opens in New York's Greenwich Village. The owner's Julie and Luke Janklow wanted to open a restaurant for kids to take their parents to reminiscent of the festive places she enjoyed going to while growing up in Los Angeles, such as Chasen's, or a fancy coffee shop like Leo's on Madison Avenue where you'd see Mrs. Astor eating a club sandwich.

Julie describes the restaurant as "bake sale meets Marie Antoinette." There are peppermint and almond meringues, Victorian rose pudding made with organic strawberries and a light biscuit and towering ice-cream sundaes!

The decor sounds amazing with a pink marble floor, pink banquettes, and ice-cream parlor-type chairs, antique Jansen tea cart AND vintage silver pieces! The restaurant's china is special ordered from Pickard, American plate makers for Air Force One.

I can't wait to go back to New York and check it out!!

Photos from Vogue Magazine, September 2008


oh my goshhh! i am so in love with this store! thank you so much for telling about this month's vogue. i thought of skipping the issue, but after all this prettyness, id second that. love your blog! so parisian :)

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