New Treats at Laduree

The talented artist, Carol at Paris Breakfasts, recently posted about Laduree in Paris. What a beautiful post! My mouth is watering here in San Francisco. Known for their famous 'Laduree green' decorative boxes that hold their delicious macaroons and treats, Laduree has just launched a new color theme, lavender. I LOVE lavender!

Every season Laduree comes out with a limited theme box and line. Last year it was the pale pink Marie Antoinette box. Beginning September 1st, they have added some fabulous new non-food gifty items such as lavender-colored candles, cosmetic bags, soaps, beauty products etc. etc. I am hoping that when my friend Janet goes there next month I can give her a small list of treats to bring back, since you can't buy it here in the states.

Isn't this the cutest bath product with a macaroon at the top of the bottle?

A beautiful lavender Laduree candle

New lavender items

I'm crazy over this make-up bag. Love the little tag fob

I have a collection of Laduree boxes that are so lovely. The pastel colors are so pretty together. In fact, if you haven't seen it, Laduree has a book out with their history, including the various designers of their highly collectible boxes.

If you love Laduree, this is a must-have book

Original "Laduree Lavender" watercolor by Carol at Paris Breakfasts

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katiedid said…
Oh! These are all so beautiful! Thnaks for the visual treat. :)
Yummy, almost as good as going there in Paris or London.:)
xo Lidy
vicki archer said…
Everything is too divine at Ladurre - at least the bath products we can indulge in with abandon! But nothing could ever be as delicious as the caramel macaroons.
Thank you gals!
la la Lovely said…
So pretty. I adore Laduree. I think the packaging is just as yummy as what is inside of it!

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