More sad news on the magazine front. Today it was announced that Metropolitan Home is kaput. Last issue is December. This is so sad for everyone; the staff and loyal readers. We've lost so many shelter magazines these past two years and yet some lesser known magazines still exist. What gives?


a. said…
Sadly, I just think people aren't buying magazines anymore. Between the economy and the internet, paper is becoming less and less important. Very sad.
Anonymous said…
I agree with you...this is insane....especially when you look at the mass amount of magazines that still sit on the shelf. How do advertisers other than furniture not realize that they can reach us via these types of mediums? I guess they are spending in the dozens of dog, car and muscle mags on the stands. Very sad that inspiration is vanishing from print.
Cynthia said…
So sorry to hear this. I've bought this magazine for years.
Oh NO.....publications are really getting hit hard. Thanks for the post. I didn't know that...will definitely miss that magazine.
I'm afraid that this is going to happen more and more, Lynn. I don't wish to be a pessimist but the internet has a lot to answer to. XXXX
I agree Jacqueline. But even with online magazines, there is nothing like holding the real thing and tearing out those pages. I hope that the best are left standing!
Tiffani said…
Totally bummed, especially living in NYC it's a magazine I totally could relate to. I agree there is no comparison to holding a magazine and tearing out pages for inspiration.

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