Winter Wonderland at Anthropologie

There's nothing like brightening your spirits with a little trip to Anthropologie. Yesterday I thought I'd take a drive downtown to check out one of my favorite San Francisco haunts. Lucky for me, they were in the process of decorating the shop, and it was amazing to see all of the hard work that goes into it.

I spoke with the employees and the theme for the San Francisco shop is "15 inches of snow." And snowy it was. They were in the process of assembling this huge polar bear.

Made of a chicken wire frame, the employees (there was a team of 3) meticulously folded each little crepe paper tissue and placed them one-by-one into the frame. Can you imagine?

They had already worked on it for three days and estimated another few days until completion. The hardest part was going to be the head. The shop also wants to incorporate saving the polar bears into their theme.
Everything Anthropologie does tickles my fancy. They are masters at incorporating vintage with new. I love these old metal drawers filled with faux snow.

Lots of snowballs...everything covered in snow...perfect for a city that never gets snow!

What a charming vignette. An old steel cabinet filled with crocheted baskets of ornaments. The back of the cabinet is handpainted with a bird and floral motif.

some vintage portraits...even the wood paneling is vintage. Love the remnants of blue paint...

I'm crazy over their Royal Animal candles. Finely detailed wax busts casts resting atop curvy resin pillars. Look like chess pieces, don't they?

So, what did I buy? A few gifts for my assistant Dianna, who I hope isn't reading this!

Visiting Anthropologie is always a treat. I love how each store has their own unique decor. If you have an Anthropologie near you, what is their holiday window? I'd love to hear...even see photos. If you don't, you can get lost perusing their amazing website here. Believe me, I've done that for hours too.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Wow... what creative displays! That gets me in the holiday mood to shop and explore. Thanks so much for sharing! I'd love to see the Christmas tree in Union Square if you can. Oh... I miss the city.

Fabulous Finds Gal
a. said…

I am addicted to Man Shops Globe. What a fun job although I'm sure it's stressful too.

Hope you are well :)
Cathi said…, I am going to have to take a trip to my Anthropologie to see how they are decorating! Have a peaceful weekend! :)
Unknown said…
what a cool post! i was just at Anthropologie yesterday in LA and the displays are slightly different. i hear they put a ton of money into their creative displays...and rightly so! i love it.
What fabulous windows Anthropologie has. We have now got one in London so I must go and see it. I love the snow in the drawers. Such a simple idea but so effective.
I think that i'd like to be your assistant, Lynn. Can you arrange it ? He he. XXXX
This is beautiful, Lynn. Thanks for taking me along. I so would love an Anthropologie in Sonoma Co. I will have to take a trip down to see the S.F. store, anything for the sake of the Polar Bears - they're near and dear to my heart.

How wonderful for your assistant to be getting some goodies!
It's like they've harnessed ALL the creativity in the UNIVERSE and direct it into all there displays... amazing.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Gorgeous! I'm running to Anthropologie in London tomorrow. I need to see the window displays here!
red ticking said…
i love to watch them at work also... they are the masters at display... i hope you watch keith johnson on wed eve sundance ch .... the show is so fun....
have a wonderful weekend... x pam
katiedid said…
So fun! Leave it to Anthro. Their windows are always great. Thanks for the peek!
Thanks for sharing such fabulous photos, as always Anthropologie comes up with the goods.

Wish that we had a store here in SW France.

Leeann x
Talk about timing! I'm loving anthropologie right now for their Man Shops Globe series and all the pretty fantasies their stores stir up.
I love Anthropologie! Lovely blog, by the way. I will be bookmarking you! Your blog is very elegant!
Denise Kiggan said…
I always enjoy Anthro inspiration

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