My favorite find of the season from Reddoll on Etsy. A military-style, double-breasted wool coat with a high collar, circle metal buttons, and black satin lining throughout the coat. The skirt is a full cut circle. Custom-made to fit you!

photo from Reddoll


WOW! That is gorgeous. Stunning! Love looking at it. Are you going to go for it? Enjoy if you do, you will make a statement!

how funny, ever since i saw this coat about a week or so ago i've been thinking about it...and now here it is in your post. maybe this means i should order it! so adorable!
I am very tempted. Perhaps I need to shed a few pounds first!
Anonymous said…
This is so INSANE!!! Love it! Are you going to do it??? You should. Karen
Jacqueline said…
OOooo, I LOVE that coat. It's very me.....but I mustn't buy one. You know how most women like shoes and handbags, Lynn ? Well, I'm a jacket and coat person. I have too many and I mustn't buy any more.....well, not this week, anyway !!!! XXXX
That coat was MADE for you!
Anonymous said…
Very nice adaptation of an 18th century idea of a military/riding front on the ladies bodice.
I vaguely remember one of those cute " provocative" costumes (provocative for 18th century)in Forman's Amadeus - powdered wig adorned with bows and tiny officer' hat, a double-breasted waistcoat and fluffy jabot, contrasted by exaggerated ruffled petticoat(s).

I couldn't find the exact picture, but this is similar.

Lynn, you don't have to struggle with pounds! The whole idea of such coat is contrast between feminine form and masculine military style...
gorgeous- the combination of the tailored military top and flirty flared and contrast ruffle is unexpected and perfect...
Di Overton said…
I had this image filed to post this week. I can't believe this designer is only on Etsy. That coat is to die for.

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