Treats from Paris Hotel Boutique!

I hope that all of you in the states had a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Today kicks off the official holiday shopping season and I'm thrilled to tell you about my favorite chocolatier, Maison Bouche, and their new chocolat lines!

But before I do, I wanted to let you know that every purchase from Paris Hotel Boutique through the end of the year will receive Maison Bouche chocolat!!

Maison Bouche (literally translated as "house of the mouth") is named after the sumptuous kitchens at Versailles, and based here in the Bay Area. Maison Bouche's packaging is as divine as the scrumptious taste of their confections.

Diane, the owner of Maison Bouche has pulled out the stops with 4 new lines; Holiday 2010, New Year's, Bonne Année and Liqueurs. The wrappers are divine, taken from old French ephemera. The flavors are amazing;

Liqueurs; Champagne, Rum, Cassis, Chartreuse, Absinthe, Cognac, Whiskey Kirsch and Génépy. Each are Noir (dark) and come in a medium bar or gift box collection.

Holiday 2010; Flavors in the Noir set; Fleur de Sel, Cherry Clafoutis, Mint, Eggnog, Gingerbread, Chestnut, Sage and Candied Orange, Curry with Candied Ginger, Café and Pear with Black Pepper.

Flavors in the Lait set; Fleur de Sel, Cherry Clafoutis, Mint, Eggnog, Gingerbread, Tarte Tatin, Balsamic Fig and Cranberries, Café and Pistachio with Candied Orange.

New Year's & Bonne Année; Fleur de Sel & Champagne

These are truly amazing as I just received my large assortment... all ready for you, my loyal customers, as a little token of my thanks!

So, if you're looking for a unique item, visit Maison Bouche website here to purchase their divine chocolat, OR, make a purchase at Paris Hotel Boutique and receive a complimentary chocolat (s)!

Happy Shopping!


Anonymous said…
What beautiful packaging! I just went to their site and ordered some.
Cashon&Co said…
OF COURSE you would have something so unique and delicious for us Lynn! These are gorgeous! I am a choco-holoic. I need to see what's new at your shop. I need to do some Christmas shopping for myself there. Hhahahahha

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