I'm Coveting...

Have you ever perused the website, The Coveteur? It's become one of my latest inspirations. The Coveteur gives you a sneak peek into the closets of the most influential artists, designers, fashion magazine editors and fashionistas around the world, photographing their most coveted items.

The Coveteur is pure eye candy. Look at these beautiful photos of Suzanne Rogers' interior. Aren't they stunning?

Beautiful, aren't they?

photos: Jake Rosenberg for The Coveteur


Wow Lynn,
this is as Martyn says "delicious"! An immediate addiction I can see.
Alfie sends a high paw to Vito
Marissa Waddell said…
Hermes and Chanel would look good in any setting, but the styling in these shots makes them even more amazing!

Anonymous said…
I can't stop staring...
Wow!! True Eye Candy! Most of us will only be able to daydream about these beautiful things. But ahhhh, to daydream...

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