Come Tour the Silversmiths with Me!

With the holidays around the corner, and so many people preparing their holiday tables, I thought it would be the perfect time to talk about silver.

Many customers come to me asking how to maintain, repair and restore their collections. So, the PHB crew decided to take a trip to Biro and Sons, right here in our beautiful City by the Bay.

Alex Biro

Biro & Sons is one of the last silversmiths in the country. Alex Biro, a master silversmith with over four decades of experience, purchased the 5,000 square foot building on Folsom Street in San Francisco in 1965 from the Burridge Company, also silversmiths, who had inhabited the building since 1901 (five years before the big San Francisco earthquake in 1906 which destroyed much of The City). Since he took over, Alex Biro has passed on his silversmith expertise to his sons, Martin and Richard.

My assistant, Dianna, talking with Alex

The primary business conducted at Biro's is the repairing and restoring of silver items. They also manufacture, fabricate and do special orders from high-end table top wear to trophies. The company does work nationwide and even internationally for hotels and restaurants including The Ritz, Paris.

lovely pieces of silver displayed upon entering

tools, tools and more tools!

Biro & Sons and Tiffany & Co. are two of just a few silversmiths left where one can truly learn the trade. They employ a staff of eight people.

Martin giving me the grand tour

With silversmithing becoming a lost art, it's wonderful to know that there's still a place in existence to repair or restore your silver, gold or brass. Biro & Sons is only a phone call away. You can always ship items to them and they are happy to repair and restore.

If you want to see our short behind-the-scenes tour, watch above!

Thanks to the folks at Biro & Sons for the wonderful tour. I hope you enjoyed it too!

Biro & Sons
1160 Folsom Street
San Francisco, California 94103


Lynne Rutter said…
I love that place. They have repaired a lot of bent up heirlooms for me. Reminds me I have a few things to take to them!
and btw Lynn what a fabulous skirt you are wearing there!
highheeledlife said…
What a wonderful tour you have shared with us!!! xo HHL

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