Encyclopedia of the Exquisite

If you're looking for a last minute stocking stuffer or perhaps a treat for yourself, I think I've found the perfect book!

Encyclopedia of the Exquisite begins with a whimsical cover and is chock-full of delicious, delightful anecdotes, facts about historical figures, and phenomena of all kinds. It has charming illustrations too.

From Amazon: "Encyclopedia of the Exquisite is a lifestyle guide for the Francophile and the Anglomaniac, the gourmet and the style maven, the armchair traveler and the art lover. It’s an homage to the esoteric world of glamour that doesn’t require much spending but makes us feel rich.

Taking a cue from the exotic encyclopedias of the sixteenth century, which brimmed with mysterious artifacts, Jessica Kerwin Jenkins’s Encyclopedia of the Exquisite focuses on the elegant, the rare, the commonplace, and the delightful. A com­pendium of style, it merges whimsy and practicality, traipsing through the fine arts and the worlds of fashion, food, travel, home, garden, and beauty."

A beautiful gift for anybody interested in the fine art of life. I bought two copies and maybe more to come!


a. said…
I received this last year as a Christmas gift and love it! Great present.
FairyFiligree said…
Hi- this is my first time on your blog. Looks super delcious brim full of lovely content. My email is fairyfiligree@gmail.com
Do visit my blog too - that's www.fairyfiligree.blogspot.com
Unknown said…
Awesome Idea! Just popped in your blog and LOVE it. I've recently turned into a Francophile. :) I'm adding myself as your newest follower. Come by to see me and see pictures of my trip to France. Merry Christmas ya'll from Houston, Tx

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