It's the Weekend, Let's Take a Ride!

This amazing footage has been showing up all over my friends Facebook pages and I just had to share it with you!

In 1955, amateur filmmaker Tullio Peligrini strapped a CinemaScope camera to a car on a marvelously clear day and took a driving tour of San Francisco. Peligrini unstrapped the camera too, for sweeping shots of just about every attraction that San Francisco had to offer in the mid-50s.

Even if you've never been to San Francisco, this is such an interesting film. LOVE the music, the fashion...

So, if you have a little time on your hands, put those seat belts on,
and let's take a ride back to 1955, shall we?

{Thanks to the Prelinger collection for preserving and presenting this slice of San Francisco history!}


Renée said…
Oh wow, how wonderful was that. I loved that. It''s like watching a polychrome news channel from the 50's. Absolutely adored all the cars, can you imagine walking through the city seeing nothing but those cars. Lovely. My stomach did a flip at 18:31 when the cable car went over the hill for it's very steep decline.
Thank you very much for sharing. I'll watch this a couple more times before the weekend is over.
Anonymous said…
The Chinese dolls! The summer coats! The serpentine road gave me a vertigo just looking at it!

Thank you, Lynn,that was delightful
Mar gar et said…
In 1974 I went down Lombard Street, and watching this footage brought back such vivid memories of visiting this special place.

The antique shop in China Town is beyond amazing.

If only I could get my Time Machine to're all invited, by the way...

Thank you for posting this, Lynn!

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