Reservations, please... The Tiffany Suite

Wanna pamper yourself? How about a little stay at the 1,700-square-foot Tiffany Suite at the St. Regis New York? At a mere $8,500 plus taxes a night, Holly Golightly would surely be delighted. Let's take a look...

Oooh...this one-of-a-kind suite is brimming with all things "Tiffany's." The signature Tiffany blue is everywhere from the walls to drawer interiors. The dining room was created to resemble a jewel box complete with a diamond in the form of a dramatic crystal chandelier.

The dressing table of course, has it's own vanity with bottles and a tray from Tiffany's

What is that embossed thing in the drawer? A notepad? I need that!

I'll take a bon bon, please...

What do you think?

images: George Chinsee via WWD


Of course I love it! But at $8,500, I hope you get a little Tiffany gem of your own to take home!
Blushing Cheeks said…
OH MY! I have died and gone to heaven. I hope this is what it looks like for me. Stunning. Plan 1: win mega millions lottery. Plan 2: cash check and plan 3: Stay here for a night surrounding myself in this beauty.Okay maybe two or three nights depending on my winnings. Of course I would invite my sister and cousins. Its a girls dream to be surrounded by all things Tiffany.

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