Choo Choo! All Aboard the LV Train!

This week was Marc Jacobs’s fall fashion show for Louis Vuitton and was it over-the-top! It paid homage to the company’s origins as a luggage purveyor. The images and video amazed me, as I'm not one who's usually very interested in runway shows.

It began with a beautiful vintage-inspired steam engine pulling into a set in a courtyard of the Louvre, which had been transformed into an old train station.

My eyes nearly popped out while watching a string of models stepping off the LV train with old-fashioned hats, bedecked accessories, over-sized buttons and, of course, some gorgeous Louis Vuitton bags. The icing on the cake was the porters that accompanied each model. must watch the video yourself!



Oh WOW Lynn ..... thanks so much for showing that. So beautifully done and very Downton Abbey !
What with Stella McCartney's show at London Fashion Week and this, the fashion world is getting more and more theatrical. Actually, I'm suprised that it's taken this long for runway shows to have become like something out of a film. I can't imagine how much it must have cost !! XXXX
It was magnificent, wasn't it.
Renée said…
Wow, that was beautiful. hahaha for a moment there I believed you were actually there. Don't you wish you were. Stunning.
Anonymous said…
I want everything in the first photo! including the solemn porter.

ah, the hat! the gloves! the oversized flips* on pockets and the buttons, the buttons! I would even risk wearing the red (which makes my skin look yellowish) - for that "beautiful-for-myself" moment

*don't know the proper tailor term

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