Obsessing Over...

Barcelona. That's right. I've been pinning several images of amazing exteriors for a couple of years now, not even realizing that many of them were from Barcelona!

Take a look at some lovely images from some talented photographers and the architects behind them...

This magnificent facade detail of Casa Milà (above), better known as La Pedrera (‘The Quarry’) designed by architect, Antoni Gaudi, takes my breath away! I must take a trip to Spain!

La Rambla *sigh*

Casa Amatller

Arnim Schulz

Oh, there's nothing like old architecture... If you'd like to see more of my favorite architectural images, please visit my pinboard here!

1st image: Zanthia - flickr


Jo Farmer said…
Absolutely stunning... I've been to Barcelona a few times and it's truly beautiful. The light dances off these amazing buildings making it quite magical!

Jo x
Eliza Interiors & Design
Mr Paul said…
Something so romantic about balconies. Dont you just want to be serenaded!


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