Hello Pinners! Here's a Most Useful Tip!

If you're a Pinterest user and/or blogger as I am, you'll often find it quite frustrating to locate the original source (artist/blogger/photographer) of many images that you're pinning. It's a pet peeve of mine. Drives me crazy!

It's so very important to credit someone's work, that I did a post back in 201o about 'giving credit when credit is due.' You've even seen my "find the photo" contests to find the original source.

Well, thanks to the Graphics Fairy, she's found a simple way to drag and drop your image into Google images, and voila!, the original image is usually there. Click on this link for an easy, breezy tutorial! I'm loving this!

Another useful tip...on Miss Moss's blog, she uses another tip to track images, "src img." Click here for this easy tip.

And lastly, TinEye reverse image search, which some of you may be familiar with!

Happy Pinning!

{oh and, if you still want a Pinterest invite, just leave me your email address in a comment!}

*When you post images that you do not own, you should always credit the photographer if you possibly can. It is their art, not yours. You should also credit the source of the information (where you found it), and any sources that they have named.

graphic: The Graphics Fairy


Veronique3 said…
Thanks for the great tip.
I would love an invitation to Pinterest! Thanks
Veronique, I need your email address please!
Unknown said…
The most important tip is to remember to ask permission before using someone's photograph.
Anonymous said…
Great tip, thanks!! I am very much enjoying following you on the big P. Happy Pinning!

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