Sorry, Box Not Included.

I always feel badly when I have to put that disclaimer in my jewelry description.

You see, these lovely antique ring boxes that we use for photo purposes are incredibly rare. Most antique dealers won't ever sell theirs. If you happen to find one for sale, they could cost up to $50.  I've paid  over $30 for some of mine.

I've collected mine over the years and use them for display. The good news...if you purchase a piece of jewelry from Paris Hotel Boutique, you do receive a box, just not an antique box!

photography: Kassie Borreson, Haus Frau Fotografie


Renée said…
Oh I love the old jewelry boxes. They just breathe GLAMOUR. So much nicer then the plastic tacky ones you get nowadays. I specially like the old ones that used to have a necklace in them.
Letty said…
Does this mean I need to stop ignoring them at Estate sales? They are usually pretty cheap.
Letty, if you see them at good prices, buy them!!

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