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One of my favorite boards on Pinterest is "beautiful buildings." I just swoon over architecture from centuries ago. Take a peek at some of my favorites images:

Guatelmala, Jessica Sprig
Portugal, Eudoro Porto
Barcelona, Arnin Schulz
Paris, Feathers and Frills

Barcelona, Moonlight2576
Paris, Haussmann
Ukraine, Design Like
Paris, Ian Parkes
Buenos Aires, Old Skool

Barcelona, Amim Schulz

To see more, check out my Pinterest board here...
Have a wonderful week ahead!

first image: Paris, Zagreusfm


Anonymous said…
that mock-castle on the cliff is called "Sparrow's Nest" and it is in Crimea (which is now in Ukraine, but many locals would consider it a misnomer), near the peak Ai Todor
it is a famous building, built in 1912 by a moskow's architect and sculptor Leonid Sherwood for an oil magnate baron Schteingel. there also used to be a beautiful garden, but the piece of rock it was on was destroyed by an earthquake and it slid to the Black Sea.
Here's more pictures for your delectation.

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