Is that the lady who took our silver?


It's part of  Paris Hotel Boutique's new arrivals on their way to you!!

 Tons of new pieces will be available for purchase tomorrow  at 7:30 am PST/10:30 am EST.

I'll give you another 'shout out' tomorrow morning!

Until then, have a most wonderful week!


FrenchBlue said…
OMG! They came knocking on my door for you! I didn't tell them we were having a little tea party with white starched tableclothes, serving eachother cake on their silver platters and sipping tea poured from their Le Grand teapots and hotel china cups, nor did I tell them we were stiring our tea with their silver spOOns:) But when they saw the frosting on my face and the silver spoom in my mouth they knew you were nearby!
Have a grAte mailing!

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