Too Pretty to Eat!

Gold feather lady finger

In case you haven't noticed by now, I'm obsessed with sweets. Actually my Pinterest board, "Sweet Treats" has the most pins.

pink velvet cake

I went ca-razy when I came across this amazing website, Connie Cupcakes, Toronto's latest confections shop. 

These artful creations forming everything from tulips to roses, are in fact, edible.

Come take a peak at my favorites...actually, I love them all!

Matisette; a Runway inspired cake
Cream Puff

Posh tiered cookie

Gold Flakey Disco Cupcakes

Jewel of the Sea

Cookies on a Stick {wow}

Crystaline chocolate cupcakes topped of with a white chocolate key painted gold. *sigh*

If  you want to see more of these gorgeous creations, visit Connie Cupcakes website here.

images via Connie Cupcakes 


FrenchBlue said…
Now that looks like a sweet treat made for Lady Goldfinger:))

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