Not Always a Pretty Picture.

Mother, mother,
There's too many of you crying,
Brother, brother, brother,
There's far too many of you dying.
You know we've got to find a way,
To bring some lovin' here today.

It's difficult to blog about lovely things and pretty pictures when the real world going on around us is in pain. 

No matter how hard we try, we can't always make real life look like that perfect social media life that we wish it was. When bad things, sad things, and negative things happen in the world, I try not to post about them. But today, I've hit rock bottom. I am in a very solemn mood.

What has happened to our world? Hate, terrorism, racism, fear. Our children don't live in the world we grew up in. It's getting hard to watch the news. Shootings have become commonplace. "Just another day."

I don't know the answer. None of us do. 

My heart goes out to all victim's families of senseless regent tragedies. Love to all...


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