A Nutty Collection!

Happy Monday!

This may be the most "nutty" collection you've ever seen! 😜

My collection of vintage walnuts started when I went to my friend Kimberlee's house. She had this astounding collection of vintage West German papier-mâché walnut candy containers, ranging in all sizes. I purchased one from her, she gave me one as a gift, and the collection grew. There is even a walnut locket (shown in the front), made out of a real walnut! It used to reveal a wee pocket knife, but I've misplaced it. So there ya go! You never know what someone collects!


Karen T. said…
What a unique collection! And, how wonderfully displayed!
donna baker said…
Lynne, that is a first and I thought I'd seen everything. Never have seen the walnuts, but I do have an old one that has a little shepherd and ducks with a little mirror background in the tiny landscape. I'd say it was probably Mexican and has a little hinge in the back. So there, I was wrong, I have seen a walnut something.

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