Lights, Camera, Action!

designed and fabricated bus stop for a San Francsico photo shoot

I just stumbled upon this San Francisco-based company, Scene 2. I think it was this photo above of a Grey Poupon bus stop in the middle of San Francisco that caught my attention.

The young hipsters at Scene 2 have a full service design studio that specializes in 3-D media. From small scale models for a photo shoot, to large scale installations for music festivals and concerts, these people are very talented indeed!

Do you like a carnival? Mister Gnogiurzauchshoff’s Traveling Midway of Curiosities and Delights has been traveling the dusty roads of America’s great carnival past. Conjuring up memories of the traveling circus and images of America's small towns, transformed by the arrival of the carnival.

Check out M.T. Pocket's 2009 tour (above) that traveled from San Francisco to Austin, Texas!

If you're looking for set building, model making or custom fabrication, be sure and check these folks out!

Scene 2

1335 Yosemite Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94124-3319
(415) 822-2020

photo credit: Scene 2


That bus stop is the absolute best. All bus stops should look like that, at least in Paris. Clever company. Thanks for the photo smile today Lynne. Have the best weekend. XO
lisa golightly said…
* Wow * This is so cool !!! Thank you for sharing this.
Jacqueline said…
Oh Wow Lynn. They are fabulous. I bet they have great fun making and operating them. What talented people. XXXX
sharon said…
Love the bus stop, so cool to be paid to think up ideas like this!
melissa davis said…
Wow, wow, wow!!! ALl very cool! You know I love an old timey carnival!!
Great bus stop!!! Whatta way to wait!!!
Anonymous said…
I love that bus stop! Actually, I love over-the-top photo shoots like that as a whole. Dun stuff :-)
The bus stop is incredible! When my daughter first bought her boxy looking scion, we joked that we should pimp it out and turn it into a fab chic, fully decorated interior with chandelier and all.

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