The Pink vs. Grey Discussion continued...

Thanks for all of your comments yesterday about my bag dilemma. Funny...half of you chose the grey bag, and the other half, the blush pink. What to do? Buy both? Not an option, unfortunately. Perhaps I should just keep focused on working and not get side-tracked by handbags, right? But this is just too much fun.

Take for instance these new nail colors by Chanel. I actually purchased the "Particuliere," which is the nicest grey/drab color on short fingernails or toes. Now I'm looking at the "Inattendu" color which reminds me of the handbag! I think there is just something so pretty about such a pale pink that almost looks flesh in color. Pink or grey? Pink or grey?

So, thanks for going along with me and my wardrobe saga. Funny, since I spend most of my time working from home, why would a bag even matter, right?


Roxy Te Owens said…
Pink for spring!!
Laura said…
Pink nails and grey bag? Or grey nails and the pink bag?!! I love that grey colour on the nails myself, and would go with the pink bag :)
lisa golightly said…
I LOOOVE that color. Funny you posted about this, because I think you had this on last time I saw you and was meaning to ask what the color was ! I read a great tip from a top NY manicurist once. She said to always choose colors opposite your skin tone. Ie: The warmer your skin tone is, the better you look in a cooler nail color. Vice versa for those w/ cooler skin tones.
Bardot in Blue said…
why not all the colors! alternating polish each finger is totally a trend right now...I gotta get my hands on some of that greyish mocha color. Thanks for sharing always a pleasure to come by and read!

xoxo Bardot in Blue
Oooh.....I love that taupe polish. Off to the Chanel counter I go. I know what you mean about working from home, it does make the wardrobe rather simple doesn't it?
a. said…
I love the putty colored nail polishes but I also love the pinks :)
Love pink and grey together. Love the nail polish as it is similar to a the Farrow & Ball grey that I am using to paint a couple of Louis chairs at present. I so adore grey and simply cannot get enough of it at present.

Happy shopping,

Leeann x
Jacqueline said…
Oh Lynn,
I have that nail colour, Particuliere, too. It's the best colour, isn't it ? It goes with everything.
AND....don't you think that we all desperately want something , like the handbag, and, if we don't buy it immediately, after a few days, it doesn't seem quite so important anymore ? I don't think that your that bothered now !!....or, maybe you are !!!! haha XXXX
Both bags are gorgeous as well as nail polishes but I have to say the blush bag is best for spring, the grey handbag looks more fall winter and the nail polish in grey would be perfect now, you can always do the pink or nude nail the tuape, grey-brown is hot right now, Also, Chanel is great but for those on a target budget, Sally Hansen has it in their new salon manicure line as well as Rimmel carries that color too.
FrenchBlue said…
OMG I can't believe still ANOTHER FrenchBlue!!

Polish color is a mood thing for me... love the beige for natural days but love the pinks for festive days!

Cathi said…
I say pick all the colors with the polish - they are all fabulous! Happy weekend! xxoo :)

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