Sneak Peek: The Vintage Table

a most elegant table setting - Lucy & Tony Torres' home

Boy was I excited to receive my copy of the recently released book, "The Vintage Table," by Jacqueline de Montravel and the editors of Romantic Homes Magazine.

This book is a compilation of table and kitchen vignettes that are inspiring to say the least. Everything from old & new, to crisp & clean, family heirlooms to time-worn treasures, are compiled in such a manner that make you want to start planning a tea or dinner party just so you can set your table!

my dining room table (usually not that dressed up!)

I'm humbled to be included in this book! Better yet, to be alongside my friends Janet of FrenchBlue & Co., and Lucy Torres of My Paris Flea Market. And of course, the other amazing people with scrumptious homes and treasures!

a little more about me...

page 146 has my tips on collecting hotel silver...

I love this photo of Janet's collection of Laduree candy boxes under her gleaming chandelier...

...and Janet's prized Hotel Le Meurice cafe cup...(love it!)

How beautiful is Lucy's deck which overlooks the ocean in Southern California? The colors so soothing...the hanging whimsical!

So, if you want to see the entire 224 pages of this book, you can purchase it here or here. Believe me... the photos are exquisite, and there are some wonderful tips on entertaining.

A BIG thank you to Jacqueline at Romantic Homes for coming here and patiently shooting my house!

photos from The Vintage Table


La Dolfina said…
I'm going to buy it now!!!
It's even more special because you and Janet are featured!! I can't wait to get it :)
Anonymous said…
OMG this is just beyond gorgeous, I'm breathless!
I'm going to get it too! WOW!!!
Gypsy Purple said…
Congratulations!!!! I have to get this book!! Fabulous post!
Ms Smart said…
hypnotized. such elegance. sparkly. wonderful. delightful. thank you.
Simply Mel said…
I didn't realize you were in this book too! Mine has been ordered and I can't wait to get my hands on it!
Congratulations Lynn! All the homes look spectacular. Just gorgeous and all my favorite people. Will definatley order a copy and a few for my "table" friends. XO
sharon said…
I have just come across your blog and took the time to scroll down, especially the article about your professional life and blogging. Love it all! I'll definitely be back for more.
In the meantime, congratulations on being included in this book, obviously deserved. ADORE the first picture in the post and the asparagus and roses bouquet. I'll be using that one at my next dinner if you don't mind!
Cashon&Co said…
wow! okay, now i'm going to buy this book. look at your gorgeouos dining room! and the way you did the flowers with the asparagus!! just wonderful!!! so cool!
lisa golightly said…
OMG ... those are some GORGEOUS spaces... and there's your dining room ... I love it ! I can't wait to get my hands on a copy. Big congrats to you ! Lisa
Jacqueline said…
Oh Lynn,
I now know you and Janet who are famous and in print ! How wonderful. I bet you feel really proud. It's funny because, as I scrolled down, I thought, I LOVE the white distressed table and then it said that it was your's !! It looks wonderful.
Well, another book that I have to buy !! XXXX
Erin said…
Oh my gosh, that is SO COOL!!! A huge congrats to you! :)

This book was already on my "to buy list," but now that I have been given such a beautiful glimpse of it from you and Janet, I think that I am going to have to buy it very soon!

Congratulations on having your beautiful dining room included!

Noel Solomon said…
This book is the BEST because it has you and mom and lucy in it!

Great photos Auntie Lynn!

hugs Noel
Gypsy Purple said…
Please see my blog for a mention and a link! xx Gypsy Purple
FrenchBlue said…
Uh uh uh!! A beautiful beautiful post!! Your house and Lucy's look AMAZING!! I am so proud to be in this book with the two of you! Thank You for being my friend now not later!! Have fun tomorrow~~
beautiful images... will definitely look out for this book... stop by my blog and check out my latest giveaway...
Paris Atelier said…
Hi Lynn,
I have been anxiously awaiting this book! I love what glimpses I have see of it so far. I am running out to get it asap. Congratulations!!! Your dining room table looks fantastic. I think you gals have the magic touch! Janets post had me drooling as well :) A huge Congrats to you!
Mélanie said…
It seems to be a wonderful book. COngratulations to be included in this book. Your table looks gorgeous
Bridget said…
Congratulations!Delicious and inspiring pictures!!I will go to Smith and son in Paris, to see this book!
Lara Harris said…
Gorgeous photos!Definitely on my wish list!
I just got the book. I thought I was the only one who saved pretty paper boxes (like the bakery ones mentioned in the book). They too reuse these & mix with more sublime objects. Good book w/good ideas.

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