A New Blog!

Another unidentified piece from a photo album. Where is this from?

Yesterday I had a brainstorm while on my treadmill (perhaps I should get on my treadmill more often). Why not launch a blog about great-grandfather's work? I will still continue to post about my discoveries on this blog, but the new blog will be solely concentrated on his work. Don't want to inundate you all with every piece of information I find!

Still have a lot of "tweaking" and adding to do to it, but thought I'd share the beginning stages with you.

Take a peek here if you'd like!


Jacqueline said…
I've been over and had a peek. Its great Lynn and, is a wonderful tribute to your Grandfather. He would be very proud of you . XXXX
BonjourRomance said…
Bonjour Lynn,
Will definitely head over to take a look. Jackie is right what a fabulous tribut to your grandfather!
Good weekend to you,
Cashon&Co said…
i'd be a follower in a heartbeat! i'm so intrigued by the history and talent of him!
Just visited your new blog!!! How exciting for you!!!
sinnlighet said…
Beautiful, sensual & poetic, I love your blogs!

Agneta, Sweden
FrenchBlue said…
Uh uh uh! Love it and can't wait for more to learn about your Grandfather!! I am going to now and to be a follower now not later!!!!
Cathi said…
It is a wonderful tribute to your grandfather! He sounds like a fascinating man!

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