Picturesque Postcards

Tiny Postcard /Business Card (above) from the Old Poodle Dog Hotel & Restaurant in San Francisco, c. 1849-1900

I love collecting antique and vintage hand-tinted postcards, especially of old hotel interiors and anything French. These Victorian linen postcards are interspersed throughout my home. One of my favorites is the "morning afternoon tea" at the Hotel Oakland with its elegant hotel silver. And as many of you know, I include vintage French postcards with purchases on my website. I just love them framed or sitting amongst a collection!

Serving Afternoon Tea at the Hotel Oakland, Calif. c. 1900

Portola-Louvre Restaurant, Powell and Market Sts., San Francisco, c. 1900

Ballroom, Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco, CA c. 1900

Picturesque Costumes, Chinatown, San Francisco, CA c. 1930

All photos courtesy of Paris Hotel Boutique Journal


Alkemie said…
My favourite is the one of the ballroom at the Fairmont hotel :)
These are beautiful! Love Ballroom at Fairmont Hotel.
Thanks gals! I love the little poodle!

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