Last night I had the pleasure of speaking with Lizzie from Design Watcher. She interviewed me about the antique "biz" and how I got started. You can read it here on her blog. It was informational for me as well. Great speaking with someone much younger than myself (yes, I'm the middle-aged sect...a Baby Boomer) and getting her opinion on trends, blogs and design. Thanks Lizzie!


mati said…
I love the forms of these chairs,have chairs on the mind -thought you might appreciate this bec:
I found a pair, yes, 2 pink and gold chairs at a local brocante ,which had been crying out for me to buy them since last fall! I offered half the going price and whammy-immediate retail therapy relief. Actually I could not believe that these chairs were still there and would fit in nicely with the Napoleon III architecture! Vogue-Living and I have taken the same prescription for a spring day !swell! betheanne
an expat in the south of france
Lizzie said…
Thanks for the shout out Lynn, and thanks again for the interview!
Anonymous said…
Oh wow Lynn! Excuse me for a moment while I pick my jaw up off the floor. Your home is simply devine. Every inch of it and the view, *sigh*

Must ask, is the painting above the sofa a relative or another one of your delish finds? It's amazing.

Thanks Jane! Actually I purchased the portrait at an antique shop. The back is written "Cincinnati Opera." Long story, someone from the Opera contact ed me an apparently this lovely lady was an opera singer. Certainly not my family!! Take care...
Mélanie said…
Wonderful interview ! Very interesting to know more about you
Thanks Melanie!!
Alkemie said…
Lynn, it's a wonderful interview - I really enjoyed reading it! You have such amazing taste and your home is, of course, impeccable.

thanks Karen!

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