The Venerable Serge Roche

Since I recently posted about Maison Jansen, I must mention the amazing Serge Roche. Roche's designs are among my favorites. Around 1930, Roche designed and produced furniture/objets d' art with a "baroque" influence. He used stucco and mirrors and created over-the-top consoles, obelisks, fireplaces and decorative objects that are quite rare and highly sought after today. These photos are from the out of print book, Serge Roche by Patrick Mauries. The book is in French with English translations. Definitely worth purchasing if you can locate a copy. Pure eye candy and a good read as well. The work in the book accompanies an exhibition by the Chastel Marechal Gallery in 2006 which was the first to trace the entire career of Serge Roche. Beautiful. Insane! Also visit The House of Beauty and Culture for a recent post on Serge Roche.

Pair of Large Stools in Wood, White Stucco and Patinated Mirror Glass, From the Residence of Elsie de Wolfe, 1934

Pair of Gilt Glass Obelisks, 1935

Obelisks in Oxidized Glass, Gilt Glass and Blue Glass, 1936-1938

Palm Tree Pedestal Table in Stuccoed Wood and Oxidized Glass, c. 1934

A Variation on the "Palm Tree" Pedestal Table with Gold Plated Feet

"Medicis" Vase in Oxidized Mirror Glass, 1934. One of these vases belonged to the Princess Aga Khan

Table Center Piece, Patinated Mirror Glass and Rock Crystal

Table Center Piece in Green Gilt Glass and Rock Crystal

Pedestal Table Supported by Three Dolphins

All photos courtesy of Serge Roche, Patrick Mauries, 2006


Jean Martha said…
I bought a mirror tonight at auction that I think (hope...) might be a Serge Roche mirror. I'm trying find a source to identify it. Any thoughts? There's a picture of the mirror up on my blog. Thanks!
Hi, it's hard to say. I took a look at it and it's lovely! There is nothing like it in my Roche book. It definitely has the right look though. Enjoy!
Alkemie said…
I love mirrored furniture, what very neat examples of furnishings. Wonderful post!
katiedid said…
That green centerpiece is amazing. What a wonderful talent. Thank you for the info.!
Suzy said…
I think I'm going to have to track down a copy of that book now!
Mélanie said…
I love , love his neoclassical creations !
Paul Pincus said…
Gorgeous post.

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