1960's New York Fashion Designer's Apartments

John Moore, once a designer for Marilyn Monroe, was devoted to the cool glitter of crystal. Moore's Apartment (above) is lined with mirrors, a zebra rug and a black and white glass screen painting of a jazz band. The model wears Moore's white crepe evening dress.

Recently I was thumbing through an old 1963 Life Magazine that my friend had given me featuring fashion designer's homes. I thought I'd share these terrific photos! The three top New York designers at the time were Arnold Scaasi, Bill Blass and John Moore. Take a close look or click to enlarge the photos. Does anyone see a resemblance to today's decor?

Arnold Scaasi's living room (above) was two stories high with views overlooking Central Park. A rich melange of color and texture combining blue velvet banquettes, gilded chairs shaped like hands and an enormous wolf rug. The model in the photo has a strapless dress and stole make of a thousand silk petals.

Bill Blass's bedroom (above) is small but luxurious. Carpeted with fake ocelot fabric with a real leopard rug. The stool by the bed is covered with zebra. The pillows are a mixture of tapestry and print. On the table are owl figurines which Blass collected. There is a scenic wallpaper panel used in the place of a headboard.

Blass's living room (above) is predominantly beige to match the linen-covered sofa, and is surrounded by a terrace. He was a collector of paintings and the living room was dominated by the bold color of Andre Brasilier's paintings of jockeys, a perfect foil for the Blass-designed lime and white high-waisted evening dress worn by the model.

All photos courtesy of Life Magazine, May 24, 1963


I just love these old interior design magazines from the '60s - I've got a few and just love going through them!!
By the way - love the new banner!!
Karla & Karrie
Alkemie said…
Lynn, this is a really great post! I just love seeing the glitz and glam of bygone eras. They had so much character!
Thanks Karla & Karrie and Karen! I need to find some more of these magazines. So much fun...
I adore that first pic! I guess good taste and style never go out of style! xoc
Love this post! Such style.
Anonymous said…
Great photo spread. . .be sure to visit to enter my vintage give away~~I love to find sites like yours who appreciate the "oldies"
Love your music,

Thanks for the comments Michelle! Will visit your site!!! Lynn
decoratorlb said…
Class,Class,Class. Love the sixties photos. Gorgeous photos of classic New York apartments and the models are breath taking. Thanks for the pictures.

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