Collecting Cecil Beaton

Centenaire de Monte Carlo 1866 - 1966 (Beaton)
International Poster Gallery

I'm a huge fan of Cecil Beaton's work. Sir Cecil Walter Hardy Beaton , 1904-80, was a designer, photographer, writer, painter, and diarist. After designing his first stage show in 1935, Beaton worked on numerous productions from Gigi to My Fair Lady. He is also recognized for his photography, particularly his glamorous portraits of the rich and famous, many of whom were either friends or acquaintances, and for the numerous books he wrote and illustrated.

Cecil Beaton's first edition books at Paris Hotel Boutique

At Paris Hotel Boutique, we sell first edition Beaton books. They are difficult to come by. The covers are exquisite, and the content, most entertaining. Beaton wrote over 20 biographies in his career.

During a buying trip in Southern California awhile back, I spotted an amazing Beaton poster behind the cash register of an antique shop. I went crazy for it. I don't remember the content except that it was a design I'd never seen before. Unfortunately it was not for sale. I begged and pleaded, but the shop owner didn't want to part with it.

Audrey Hepburn photographed by Cecil Beaton

One of these days I'd love to purchase the "Centenaire Monte Carlo" poster, photo above. Do any of you collect Beatons' work? Books? Magazines? Photos? I'd love to hear!

Cecil Beaton's living room in his suite at the Plaza Hotel, New York, 1946
Photographed by Dmitri Kessel, Life Magazine


What a beautiful post! I always loved Beaton's work - it is so simple at first glance, yet saturated with beauty and happiness. It is very hard to acheive this beautiful simplicity.

PS: LOVE that apartment.
Di Overton said…
I adore Cecil Beaton's work and am so thrilled that those fabrics have been released.

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