Creative Gift Wrap

A vintage music-lesson card strikes a personal note paired with a costume jewelry brooch and a bright blue ribbon.

It's so much fun using vintage finds to dress up a package. And... it is a great way to recycle. Aren't these fun?

Recycle vintage boxes and tins, such as these French pastel chalk boxes, to hold gift cards, spa certificates, or concert tickets. Silk ribbon and tiny ornaments add festive flair.

Images from Country Home Magazine - December 2008


Villa Anna said…
They are so fun! This is the first year I'm actually really bothering to place alot of effort in the wrapping side of gift giving. Thanks for the inspiration.

Anna :)
vicki archer said…
Wonderful wrappings - inspired, especially the vintage brooch. Can't wait to get started. xv
Fifi Flowers said…
LOVELY... hmmmm... will I have time to do creative wrapping like these... hmmmm... maybe if I start NOW... by Christmas 2009 I will have everything ready to go! LOL

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