Dessert Bar Delight!

Now this brightens up my day! I just stumbled upon the website of event planner, Amy Atlas. Located in New York City, Amy specializes in high end dessert tables. She treats each endeavor as a unique, art project and designs each dessert table to fit the client. The photos of her work are mouth-watering. Take a look and check out her website here. Time to plan a party!!

Candy Shop Dessert Table filled with nostalgic candy, old-fashioned taffy, barber poles, Sweet Tarts and rock candy. {My favorite... I want to have a party now!!}

Birthday Dessert Table --{love the packaging}!

Bridal Brunch Dessert Table --all white with torrone nougat, coconut macaroons, and dusted truffles

Bridal Brunch Dessert Table --all white with torrone nougat, coconut macaroons, and dusted truffles. White lemonade with hand calligraphed "Best Wishes" {Oh my...this is lovely}

Mod Dessert Table with a graphic cake, custom yellow and black chocolates, licorice mints and lemon cupcakes. {So Hollywood Regency}!

Wedding Dessert Table. Fuschia cherry blossom tree cake inspired by the wedding invitation. Custom lollipop trees, raspberry truffles, chocolate and mini cupcakes.

Mother's Day Dessert Table with a cone-patterned cake, petit fours and macaroons. {Beautiful color, isn't it?}

Mother's Day Dessert Kid Table with Jordan almonds, malt balls, taffy and jelly beans, for the kids!

All photos courtesy of {visit her site!!}


Unknown said…
What beautiful, YUMMY photos!!
Jojo said…
Just looking at this make my mouth water. By the time I got to the bridal lemonade I really wanted a sweet treat. Beautiful.
Di Overton said…
I want to hug you. I came across this site weeks ago and lost the link. You have made my day. It's great isn't it?
I LOVE this post!!
Fifi Flowers said…
YUM... great collection of treats!
Alkemie said…
Yee Gads, this is a ridiculously BEAUTIFUL post! I really love it!! Great inspiration Lynn :)

Karen O.

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