Claudia Visits the City

photo (SF shop) from the paris apartment

I was delighted to find out that my friend Claudia, of The Paris Apartment, was in San Francisco for a long weekend. I hadn't seen her in a few years and what fun it was to spend some time together. On Sunday, the talented Lisa, of Lisa Golightly, and I picked up Claudia and had lunch at Citizen Cake in Hayes Valley (you have to try their fried donuts), and did then did some shopping. So much fun! Lisa is an amazing artist that I met years ago via eBay. She sells on Etsy and has a blog as well.

Yesterday Claudia and I ran around the City visiting some of our favorite antique shops, French cafes and Smoke Signals, the best magazine shop in the City. It was a rainy day, but we had a lot of laughs and Claudia took some spectacular photos. Thanks for the fun time! Come back soon Claudia!

La Boulange de Polk - photo from the paris apartment

The girls


Lola Enchanted said…
looks like a wonderful time~~~ I like Claudia!!!!! She's a great gal!
Anonymous said…
Thanks Lola, I like you too, maybe we can rendezvous one day!
Thanks for the tour, Lynn, now you'll have to let me chauffeur you around miami!
Unknown said…
How fun! Looks like a wonderful day! Great picture of you three :)
Mélanie said…
It is fantastic to see bloggers together ! I hope to meet Claudia, soon
vicki archer said…
Sounds like great fun and what fabulous shopping, xv.
Thanks Lola, Judith, Melanie and Vicki! It is fun to get away from the computer and meet in PERSON! Lynn

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