"You Rock, Dad!"

One of my favorite moments yesterday (there were many) was watching Malia and Sasha walk out with their adorable coats (how cute is Sasha's pink/red/coral combo?) and Sasha giving her Dad a big "thumbs up." Precious!

Did you have a favorite moment?


When Barack and Michelle were dancing and generally doing PDA all day! I was feeling so happy to see so much affection between these two people. Refreshing departure from Stepford wives' club of the past.
Anonymous said…
The views of the masses of ecstatic people from all over the country brought (and still bring) me to tears. Plus, my teenage daughter was there! I was scanning the crowds all day on tv, searching for her orange hat! (Never found it, but I did talk to her on the phone - twice!)
Anonymous said…
There were many moments... I think the sight of those girls was my favorite. They just seem so real and so radiant. Just like their mom and dad.

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